JBL Oodinol plus 250 100ml

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Remedy for treatment of velvet disease in aquarium fish.

  • Combats all kinds of oodinium pathogens.
  • Combats parasite infestation in freshwater and marine fish. Not suitable for aquatic invertebrates.
  • To prevent re-infestation: the life cycle of the pathogen requires a repeated dosing. They detach themselves from the fish after a few days and sink to the bottom. Check and adjust precise dosage with copper test set.
  • JBL Online Hospital: gives you access to identify fish diseases.
  • Package contents: 1 packet Oodinol Plus 250. Suitable for max. 1000 l. For repeated use for max. 250 l. Use: 1st day 10 ml/100 l. 2nd day < 0.05 mg/l: 10 ml/100 l; 0.1 – 0.15 mg/l copper: re-dose 5 ml/100 l. 3rd + 5th day as for 2nd day.